We work with HVAC equipment daily, and our professionals understand that you don’t think about air conditioning as much as we do.


That’s why we take the time to explain your options in simple terms without fancy acronyms or sophisticated sales pitches. We provide the comfort you can trust.


Your service tech will match you with the ideal AC system for your needs.


We offer a wide selection of high-performance air conditioners that are customized to your home’s exact cooling requirements.


You can choose from a variety of models depending on your efficiency goals and estimated budget, including central and ductless AC systems.




It is not hard to imagine what would happen if the heating system in your home was too small. It would simply never be able to heat your home effectively and would wear itself out trying, leading to higher heating costs, more heating repairs and a shorter lifespan for the unit. And all of that just costs you more money.

What might not be so obvious is that a heating system that is too large for your home can also have many of these same problems. That is because larger systems will cycle on and off too frequently, putting extra wear and tear on all of its parts. A large heating system also will not be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home any more than one that is too small.



To make sure the heating system you wind up with is the one best suited to keep you and your family comfortable all winter long, give Dillon's Heating and Cooling a call and schedule a Kansas City heating installation and replacement consultation today.



An air conditioning system is a big investment, so it can be tempting to put off replacing it when things start to go wrong. It is almost always better to replace sooner rather than later, though, as it will likely save you money and a good deal of frustration in the long run.

It may be time to call for a Kansas air conditioning replacement consultation from Dillon's Heating and Cooling if your current system needs repairs frequently, is using much more energy than before to keep your home cool, or if the cooling has become inconsistent or uneven throughout your home.

Whether you are looking to upgrade to a newer model of your current air conditioning system or need one installed in a new construction home, give Dillons Heating and Cooling a call today. We are always glad to answer your questions and set up an appointment for an air conditioning installation consultation. Dillons Heating and Cooling provides top quality air conditioning and HVAC in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. 

Call or Text us to discuss your installation needs or to schedule services today!

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