Commercial heating equipment is complicated, and when one component malfunctions, it can easily affect the entire system. Rest assured, our technicians have the knowledge necessary to identify your furnace issues fast, restoring your business to comfortable temperatures.

If you are looking for a replacement heating system, Dillon's offers a variety of solutions for replacing your worn-out commercial furnace.


We will help you determine the best option for efficiency, taking into consideration your geographic location and budget as well.

We can also ensure the safe, efficient operation of your system and any unexpected issues with professional repair, inspection and routine furnace maintenance at least once per year—before the heating season begins.


Commercial service requires a different level of expertise than servicing residential heating and home cooling systems. Commercial heating and cooling equipment is much larger, demanding more intense use and heavier heating and cooling loads than residential equipment.


This equipment tends to be more complex in setup as well, with single-zone to multi-zone system options. The best course of action for maintenance depends on your setting and the unique demands of your business.

Poor heating performance, rising energy use and increasing ownership costs are just a few signs that it’s time to replace the HVAC equipment at your commercial property. A new furnace can eliminate complaints from uncomfortable employees and customers. 

You do not want to try and get through a winter in this part of the country without a good heating system in place to keep your commercial business cool and comfortable. If you are in the market for your first system or for a replacement, Dillons Heating and Cooling has the products and experience you are looking for. We provide full commercial heating installations in Kansas City and the surrounding areas, and we hold all of our workers to the highest possible standards. 


Don’t let common heating problems leave you freezing in the office! We can quickly diagnose and address your heating repair issues and return your business to comfort in no time.

Commercial HVAC repairs are a top priority for our company. Your business is important to us. We offer responsive service, convenient appointments and upfront repair estimates to small businesses and property managers across the local area. Our commercial HVAC repair experts stock a wide selection of replacement parts to provide efficient service, and experienced service techs are available on your schedule.


Looking for a new unit? Important considerations are the type of heating your business needs, how many units to purchase, and their ideal location on your property. 

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